Jeremy Osborn

Designer, Educator, Writer

Jeremy Osborn lives in the Boston area and has more than 15 years of design and education experience.

He is currently the Academic Director of Aquent Gymnasium, an innovative online school for designers, developers and marketing professionals.

Jeremy is the author of several well-reviewed and popular books on web technology and design software, including his latest: “HTML5 Digital Classroom”.

Latest Project

Introducing Sketch for UX and UI with Jeremy Osborn

My (free) course on how to use Bohemian Sketch for UX & UI. This is an hour long video that demos how to use the drawing tools in Sketch to build an interactive mobile app prototype. If you're looking for more Sketch goodness, you should also check out my article on how to create a vector logo.


  • Online education courses

  • A 9 month certificate program

  • Courses on user experience and interaction design (among others)

  • A number of websites over the years


  • Hundreds of adult learners at Boston University

  • Numerous employees in the training rooms of Microsoft, The Boston Globe, Sony, Time-Warner and many more!

  • Countless folks online, offline and everything in between!


  • Popular mass-market books on HTML5, Dreamweaver and more

  • Numerous pages of curricullum for classroom and online education courses

These are a few of
my favorite skills

  • Technical expert in CSS, XHTML and Adobe’s Creative Suite. Yes, I’m the author of a Dreamweaver book but I have been coding by hand since the 20th century. I currently lurve TextMate 2.

  • I went to NYU film school and am fluent in most timeline-based editing software. I have a serious crush on After Effects and find excuses to use it for work and personal projects as much as I can.

  • I teach in order to share my passion with others and get satisfaction from seeing learners do amazing things with their new skills. As a side benefit if people also begin to label their Photoshop layers or make sure their page titles are not labeled "Untitled Document" then my work here is done.

But what about
the REAL you?

The internet is a 24 hour party and it’s sometimes hard to say goodbye, but there’s a lot more to life than just bits, bytes and screens. In addition to spending time with my great family here’s some other ways I relax:

  • I enjoy cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I also grow food in my garden to further these experiments.

  • I’m a music lover with eclectic tastes, let’s just say that your favorite band is mine too.

  • If you forced me to join your group it would have to be as either the harmonica or the didgeridoo player, (just not at the same time, I’m no Roland Kirk!)